The Citizen Ninja Way™ is a method of activism that uses effective strategies, tactics, and tools to create positive change at the local level.

Citizen Ninjas stand up to power in pursuit of freedom, truth, and justice.

Citizen Ninjas speak up; they don’t wait for others to speak for them. Citizen Ninjas are prepared, discerning, self-reliant, and assertive. They step out of their comfort zone to nimbly challenge powerful entities that disenfranchise the public and reduce citizen power.

Citizen Ninjas respond to community issues and actively engage City Hall to make a difference. They pay attention to government business and actively direct elected public servants to create policies that benefit the interests of the whole community. They are the activists who demand government transparency and are the watchdogs who speak out when there is corruption or ethical wrongdoing.

Mary Baker is the creator and facilitator of the training program based on her book Citizen Ninja: Stand up to Power.

Learn to sideline your fears and exercise your civic responsibility in the public arena effectively and with confidence.

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Become a Citizen Ninja

Stand up to power in pursuit of freedom, truth, and justice.

Course curriculum

    1. The Citizen Ninja Way

    2. Civic Virtue

    3. Staging Your Discourse Part 1

    1. Staging Your Discourse Part 2

    2. Staging Your Discourse Part 3

    3. Bully Tactics Part 1

    1. Bully Tactics Part 2

    2. Taking Action

    3. Final Quiz

    1. Conclusion & Thank You

    2. Course Completion Survey

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