Get the skills to wage and win your campaign for school board.

In every community, school boards have an important role. They make sure students receive the education they deserve to prepare them for higher education, trade school, or the workforce. Sadly, many school boards are used as social engineering tools or are captured by labor union officials trying to control both sides of the collective bargaining table. 

Conservative leaders must engage in school boards from coast to coast to ensure schools focus on their educational mission for our children’s future success.

 Political technology determines political success. Get the skills for a successful campaign – it’s essential.

Learn from successful, experienced leaders who have served on school boards.

The Joseph U. Oswald Patriot Online School Board Training Program features presentations from seasoned conservatives who have served on school boards, plus campaign professionals experienced in local campaigns. 

You’ll learn how to design, wage, and raise funds for a successful school board campaign. In addition, you’ll receive briefings and background information you’ll need to be well informed and articulate your own experiences and issue positions to voters in your community. 

Specifically, you will learn to:

  • develop a campaign and communications strategies specifically for school board elections; 
  • communicate effectively with voters through highly effective voter contact techniques, scalable to highly localized elections; 
  • raise funds and build a volunteer team.
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    Learn from former & current school board officials how to win a school board election.

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Course curriculum

    1. Pt 1 - The Real Nature of Politics

    2. Pt 2 - What makes for a good candidate?

    3. Pt 3 - Winning the "invisible contests"

    4. Pt 4 - Prepare for the spotlight & opposition research

    1. Pt 1 - Defining goals and the pathway to victory

    2. Pt 2 - Designing a winning campaign

    3. Pt 3 - Research throughout the campaign

    4. Pt 4 - Phases of the campaign

    1. Pt 1 - Defining a vote goal and voter contact universe

    2. Pt 2 - Designing a voter contact plan

    3. Pt 3 - Building a volunteer force

    4. Pt 4 - Campaign communications strategy

    5. Pt 5 - Identity as message

    1. Pt 1 - Interviews & presentations

    2. Pt 2 - The Power of Storytelling

    3. Pt 3 - Fundraising for a school board candidate

    4. Pt 4 - What not to do as a candidate

    1. Pt 1 - Critical Race Theory with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

    2. Pt 2 - A discussion with Bill Baber and Ron Nehring

    3. Pt 3 - Be a School Board Leader with Lori Roman

    1. Conclusion & Thank you

    2. Course Completion Survey

Run for School Board and Win

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  • 22 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content
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Learn Right: School Board Campaign Training Podcast

Join the Leadership Institute’s Ron Nehring for the Learn Right: School Board Campaign Training Podcast -- a deep dive into political technology for conservatives to use in School Board campaigns.


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